• Ravi Bahethi

    Expert Programmer and President of Terranet, Inc.

  • About Ravi Bahethi

    Ravi Bahethi is a systems engineer and president of Terranet, Inc. Since 1991, Maryland-based company Terranet has been providing scientific and technical support services for government and industry clients. Mr. Bahethi is also an expert programmer and is highly skilled in building and managing teams. He is a results-driven individual with a special passion and knack for everything related to technology. His company provides programming in Fortran 77, Fortran 90, C/C++ and SQL on various platforms including OpenVMS, Tru64 Unix, IRIX, Linux and Windows, giving their customers flexible and cost-effective IT solutions.

    Ravi Bahethi earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, and his graduate degree from American University. Thanks to his education and experience, Mr. Bahethi is able to provide tailored and customized services to each of his clients and can manage complex technological systems throughout their life cycles.

    When he is not working, Ravi spends his time exploring the outdoors, hiking, or playing tennis. He also enjoys reading books and has a profound sense of irony. He also supports the work of the Chesapeake Youth Symphony Orchestra (CYSO) and appreciates that it helps children develop and expand their interest in music.

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    University of Maryland

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