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Why Should New Developers Target Python? Ravi Bahethi, President of Terranet, Inc. Answers

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If you are looking for a great way to start your coding career, learning Python is a great way to start. In this article, programming expert Ravi Bahethi takes a look at some of the advantages of learning Python for new programmers and coders who want to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing in the industry.

Many Tech Giants are Using Python

When choosing from the multitude of programming languages in use, Python’s simple readability and efficiency stand out. New programmers should also consider how widespread Python’s use among established tech super-companies is. Python is used by Google, IBM, Cisco, Quora, and many other established tech leaders. Learning a programming language is an excellent skill-building exercise; when the language you learn translates to work opportunities with the leading technology companies, you will find that the process is also a significant economic investment in yourself.

Python Is Designed To Be Easy For English Speakers

If you are a native or fluent English speaker, Python will come much more naturally than most other programming languages. The language’s syntax is not burdened by complicated rules and exceptions to those rules. Python allows programmers to focus on the task at hand rather than on the complex interactions of rules and protocols. As a long-standing open-source language, Python has adapted over the years to easy manipulation and construction through natural English-based programming.

Python Is Excellent For Web Development

Python is used with several web frameworks, such as Django and Flask, that allow for much faster programming than other languages for web development. Most developers find that Python-based programming is more stable and much faster than other languages for new web applications. Python also facilitates web scraping that allows programmers to obtain details from other websites, and especially those that are built on Python frameworks such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Python Is Fantastic For Machine Learning Programming

Machine learning has been growing exponentially in recent years. Google is leading the industry with rapidly advancing algorithm technology, and programmers everywhere are working to develop programs that can anticipate ordinary and novel outcomes through analyzing diffuse data sets. Of all the major programming languages, Python is the leader in programming machine learning applications.

Python Has a Large and Vibrant Programming Community

The online community of Python users is large, very active, and growing. Almost all Python programmers find that the community is open and helpful for new programmers. Python communities are rapidly building amazing machine learning, data science, and related libraries, and there are many courses and directed learning opportunities for developing machine learning skills using Python.

Python Offers Excellent Career and Salary Opportunities

In addition to its simplicity and ease of use, Python is continuing to grow as the language of choice among most tech development companies. Python provides not only outstanding entry-level employment opportunities but also leads to career growth and development as a programmer’s creativity develops and experience increases. Python developers are currently among the highest-paid, especially in the areas of machine learning, web development, and data science. Depending on experience and location, Python developers often earn six-figure salaries with excellent prospects for income growth.

About Ravi Bahethi

Ravi Bahethi specializes in programming and systems engineering and serves both government and industry clients. Mr. Bahethi is a devoted believer in the power of integration of technologies to create new and more powerful efficiencies. He is a confident team leader, experienced programmer and systems engineer, and president of Maryland-based Terranet Inc. When he is not working, Ravi enjoys reading, walking, and playing tennis.

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